Le Suquet Laguiole - FRANCE

Le Capucin

Michel Bras, with the help of his brother André and his son Sébastien, had the idea of creating "le capucin". A crispy cornet, cooked to order and then filled with local produce chosen and cooked according to recipes created and developed by Michel and Sébastien. A genuine homage to the local producers who they have worked with over the years and to the land that they nurture: Aubrac and the Midi-Pyrénées region. Today, the Capucins are served in the café at the viewing point/lay-by of the Millau viaduct.

Capuchins with a view of the Millau viaduct

The lay-by at Millau, offering magnificent views of this work of art which spans the Tarn valley, created the opportunity for the Bras family to showcase Aveyronais gastronomy in a different way.

From the domestic to the gastronomic

The capuchin was originally an ancient cooking utensil made of iron, consisting of a long handle, at the end of which there is a conical funnel with a hole in the bottom.