Le Suquet Laguiole - FRANCE

The Café Bras

The Soulages art gallery plays host to the Café Bras, designed by the Bras family. A place which is linked to the museum, surprising visitors and playing with their emotions. But it is also resolutely open towards Rodez and its inhabitants. The chefs see it as "a breath of Bras air" with an ambiance reminiscent of a village café of the past. Divided into two separate areas, it meets everyone's needs: a quick gourmet 'snack' at the Côté Comptoir or a meal in the restaurant, where the menu changes daily.

Café Bras, côté comptoir (bar)

Michel and Sébastien Bras have created an imaginative menu for Côté comptoir to suit any time of day, from breakfast until teatime, not forgetting aperitifs and lunchtime, for a quick bite to eat.

Café Bras, côté restaurant

The daily running of the restaurant is in the capable hands of Christophe Chaillou, Sébastien Bras's brother-in-law, who taught at catering college and who has also spent a number of years working at Le Suquet, becoming imbued with the Bras...