Le Suquet Laguiole - FRANCE

The restaurant

From the restaurant, the eye is drawn to the landscape outdoors, as viewed through the huge plate glass windows. Then one discovers the interior, which speaks volumes about the care and attention to detail lavished by the hosts.

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Le Suquet stands out above the landscape. The building seems perched between land and sky, defying the elements. This habitat, originally conceived by Ginette and Michel Bras and today occupied by Véronique and Sébastien, was designed and...

A sense of detail

The cooking is the focal point, the quintessence of the land which the Bras family wish to relate and to share. The furniture and the accoutrements must therefore follow it, support it, highlight it.

The garden at Le Suquet

The buildings at Le Suquet shelter from the winds an incredible garden. Not a classic French garden, where order, straight lines and symmetry dominate nature, but a place where nature can express itself freely, guided by those who oversee and...