Le Suquet Laguiole - FRANCE

The garden at Le Suquet

The buildings at Le Suquet shelter from the winds an incredible garden. Not a classic French garden, where order, straight lines and symmetry dominate nature, but a place where nature can express itself freely, guided by those who oversee and look after the gardens.

Here, you'll find a mish-mash of wild plants against a backdrop of imposing granite rocks, there, grasses which have grown without ever having been invited, succulents, carpets of wild flowers ... They surround Le Suquet with their colours and scents and dominate the adjacent pastures. A few shrubs have managed to survive; bordered by heathers, the stone path which leads to the hotel bedrooms, locally known as a draille (cattle drove), reminds one of the paths that criss-cross the plateau  created by the migrating herds of cattle as they headed for the upland pastures in late spring.