Le Suquet Laguiole - FRANCE

The team

Véronique and Sébastien Bras are supported by a team of nearly seventy people. Arrived only recently or here for more than thirty years, originating from the village of Laguiole or indeed Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, Canada... they are also the architects of the success of Le Suquet, with its warm welcome and outstanding cuisine.

Respect for the individual

"The well-spring of the joy that we bring finds its source in a profound respect for the individual, for these men and women whether they be suppliers, members of the teams at Le Suquet, former employees, or stagiaires," Sébastien Bras likes...


Régis Saint-Geniez has worked with the Bras family for more than 30 years. He first worked alongside Michel and grandma Bras as a simple apprentice, now he works alongside Sébastien as his faithful second in command.

Sergio Calderon vintage expertise

He first encountered the Bras family in 1990. This Argentinian, drawn to France by love at the tender age of 21, has kept his seductive accent, a blend of Aveyronais and his native Argentina.