Le Suquet Laguiole - FRANCE

The hotel

The whole of Le Suquet was designed around the idea of revealing the landscape. It also pays homage to the triptych of the light, the vegetal and the mineral. The same goes for the hotel. All rooms & suites have views across the plateau, as seen through the large French windows, for a closer contact with nature. Flowers surround Le Suquet with their colours and scents. They cover the rolling pastures and the few granite boulders randomly dotted across the hillsides.

An hotel grounded in nature

The 13 rooms adhere to the guiding principle of the discovery of the landscapes, in the same architectural style as the rest of the buildings. The majority naturally at ground level.

The garden at Le Suquet

The buildings at Le Suquet shelter from the winds an incredible garden. Not a classic French garden, where order, straight lines and symmetry dominate nature, but a place where nature can express itself freely, guided by those who oversee and...

A room with a view

Le Suquet offers 11 rooms and 2 apartments. Escapism is guaranteed and encouraged.