Le Suquet Laguiole - FRANCE

Michel Bras

Often to be found in the kitchen helping his mother, even at a tender age, Michel Bras received a precocious initiation. From necessity sprung invention as Michel Bras, entirely self-taught, embarked on his life's work, guided as much by his sense of contemplation as his relentless desire to experiment. With his wife Ginette, he created his own style of cuisine, refined, audacious, sincere and most importantly a transcription of nature and a reflection of Aubrac with a contemporary voice, at the restaurant, Le Suquet, situated on a promontory overlooking the village of Laguiole.

One name, three generations

The story of the Bras family's involvement with cooking spans three generations already. Three chapters written by grandma Bras, Michel and now Sébastien.

The 'gargouillou' of young vegetables

The "Gargouillou de jeunes légumes" came to Michel Bras, during one of his many rambling voyages of the mind, whilst he was out rambling on Aubrac one day in June 1980, when the pastures were alive with a myriade of flowers and scents.

Molten chocolate

It all started with a feeling, having returned home after a day's cross country skiing, during foul weather. The frozen family, chilled to the bone, were sat at the kitchen table in silence, thawing out with a hot chocolate. Then gradually,...