Le Suquet Laguiole - FRANCE

The wine cellar

Beside the stone path, bordered by a stream, which leads to the restaurant can be seen, through a glass door, the penumbral lights of the wine cellar at Le Suquet and a few of the 35,000 bottles that lie therein. Sergio Calderon, the sommelier and restaurant director at Le Suquet, lays down with great care wines from all the key regions of France and the world, which he is keen to unveil to both knowledgable wine lovers, in search of a sublime nectar, and wine novices who simply wish to enjoy the moment and the memories.

divine wines

Over the years, Sergio Calderon has built up a wine cellar of over one thousand five hundred references, from nearly two hundred different wine makers, to compliment the cuisine of Sébastien Bras. So many stories to be found within the extensive...

The wine cellar treasured bottles

The wine cellar, so often hidden away underground in some remote part of the building where the hidden treasure lies buried, here can be seen through a glass door in the passage way leading to the restaurant.

Sergio Calderon vintage expertise

He first encountered the Bras family in 1990. This Argentinian, drawn to France by love at the tender age of 21, has kept his seductive accent, a blend of Aveyronais and his native Argentina.