Le Suquet Laguiole - FRANCE

The Miwam

A culinary invention by Sébastien Bras. This delicious dish combines vegetables, meat or fish, a pinch of herbs and/or spices. They are wrapped in a whole grain organic cereal batter and cooked to order, without fat, in a specially designed 'toaster' (not unlike a waffle iron) which gives the Miwam its crunchy texture and its surprising, undulating shape. An 'unidentified culinary object' originally launched in Lyon, which is now available at Café Bras at the Soulage museum in Rodez.

Neither hard nor soft

The Miwam, invented in the Bras kitchens at Le Suquet, is particularly healthy. It respects the balance of the food pyramid and is comprised of whole grain cereals, vegetables and proteins, meat, fish or cheese, gently steamed, without...

Half lyonnais half aveyronnais

The Miwam is a dish, but also a restaurant concept, certainly fast but the fruit of a long reflection, which opened two outlets a few years ago in Lyons.

Half friends half family

The Miwam is a story about friendship, of three friends, two called Sébastien and one called Jérôme who met in 1990 whilst studying at the Institut Paul Bocuse and who promised one day to throw all their ideas into the creative melting pot,...