Le Suquet Laguiole - FRANCE

Half friends half family

The Miwam is a story about friendship, of three friends, two called Sébastien and one called Jérôme who met in 1990 whilst studying at the Institut Paul Bocuse and who promised one day to throw all their ideas into the creative melting pot, in order to define a project, driven initially by audacity and enthusiasm.

Each one of them went in their own direction and after allowing their ideas to simmer gently for a number of years, they profited from their different paths and experiences to invent the Miwam. It took them over a year to perfect this unique dish with its unusual name, neither a waffle nor a sandwich, and to design a machine capable of cooking a batter which left the exterior hard and crunchy and the interior filling soft and melting, thanks to its being gently steamed.

As so often happens chez les Bras, cooking is a family affair, even for those who have chosen a different career path, like William, Sébastien's younger brother, who works as an engineer for Airbus. William was able to put all his engineering skills to good use in order to create the machine, with its undulating profile, just as aerodynamic as a supersonic aircraft. Today, Sébastien Desbos is in charge of the Miwam restaurants, Sébastien Bras creates the recipes, whilst the all-important batter is made from organic cereals grown by Jérôme Celle; the story bearing witness to their friendship.