Le Suquet Laguiole - FRANCE

Neither hard nor soft

The Miwam, invented in the Bras kitchens at Le Suquet, is particularly healthy. It respects the balance of the food pyramid and is comprised of whole grain cereals, vegetables and proteins, meat, fish or cheese, gently steamed,  without the addition of fat.

Organic products and local produce are the key watchwords, grown by nearby market gardeners. The cereals and vegetables, products of the system known as "l’agriculture raisonnée", are cultivated in southern Auvergne. From which the recipe options are infinite, delicious yet light, sweet or savoury and even vegetarian, depending on the ingredients the seasons provide and the ideas that stem from them: swiss chard, stockfish, all mixed with some fromage blanc or salsify, Pardailhan turnips, chicken, offset by some frisée lettuce leaves and a hint of curry. A Miwam packed with vitamins, endive, spinach, grapefruit. And for dessert? Chocolate, beurré Hardy pear, a pinch of grilled almonds and cream, for example. Without forgetting the vital role of the 'Niacs' in 'lifting' the dish, adding a dash of seasoning or a soupçon of spice to highlight the flavours. A style of cuisine in the image of Sébastien Bras; "omniverous and open-minded in his search for inspiration."