Le Suquet Laguiole - FRANCE

The Bras philosophy

Sébastien and Véronique share and cultivate the same values as their predecessors at Le Suquet, following the "Bras philosophy", whereby Aubrac is the source of inspiration and nature the source of creation, where respect for the individual is a daily concern and the family the cement which holds together this extraordinary adventure through time.

A never-ending source of inspiration

"Aubrac has given us everything" Sébastien Bras likes to remind us. "However, in the sixties, the north of Aveyron was declared a victim of rural depopulation, like Tibet" recalls Michel, with feeling.

One name, three generations

The story of the Bras family's involvement with cooking spans three generations already. Three chapters written by grandma Bras, Michel and now Sébastien.

The story of a family

The Bras family is tightly knit; always ready to lend a helping hand. Sébastien and his wife, Véronique, who is the director of the restaurant and the hotel, have followed in the footsteps of Michel and Ginette Bras, defining the sequel to...