Le Suquet Laguiole - FRANCE

Molten chocolate

It all started with a feeling, having returned home after a day's cross country skiing, during foul weather. The frozen family, chilled to the bone, were sat at the kitchen table in silence, thawing out with a hot chocolate. Then gradually, as the effect of the heat permeated, tongues were untied, laughter was heard and the ambiance warmed up. 

This moment touched and inspired Michel Bras, who then sought to reproduce it in the kitchen. Two years later, after much thinking, trialling and testing, the definitive recipe emerged one fine day in 1981, arousing in Michel Bras "a sense of enthusiasm and pride that one rarely experiences as a chef." A history of hot and cold, The Coulant au chocolat is composed of two distinct parts: a biscuit dough and a frozen chocolate ganache which is inserted into the biscuit dough. Once removed from the oven, the biscuit is cooked and warm whilst in the middle, the chocolate, "as liquid as ours was that day after skiing," flows like molten lava as soon as the spoon breaks through the biscuit exterior. Visually stunning, emotionally heart-warming. Today, imitations are to be found throughout the gastronomic world. The creator of the original isn't worried; the story and the experience remain forever his.

Sébastien Bras pays homage to this cult dessert via exciting interpretations including caramel, coffee, fruits, apricots, blueberries, figs... He occasionally accompanies the chocolate version with a truffle sorbet. He has also completely re-invented it by proposing an unforgettable asparagus biscuit tiède coulant, tarragon sorbet, punctuated with a touch of almond.