Le Suquet Laguiole - FRANCE

The 'gargouillou' of young vegetables

The "Gargouillou de jeunes légumes" came to Michel Bras, during one of his many rambling voyages of the mind, whilst he was out rambling on Aubrac one day in June 1980, when the pastures were alive with a myriade of flowers and scents.

A veritable fireworks display which evolves constantly as the seasons unfold, the Gargouillou is an intimate snapshot of Aubrac. An approbation of freedom, it is also the fruit of the maturity of a man and a chef who knew how to find his own way across the gastronomic landscape. Fern, amaranth, white borage, rocambole garlic, clover, cauliflower stalk, peas, tuberous chervil, nasturtium, phyteuma, pattypan squash, Welsh onion (allium fistulosum), endive, chickweed (stellaria media), pink radish, salsify, tomato, spring onion, Alpine fennel... and other vegetables, young shoots, leaves, stalks, grains or roots are to be found together in this vegetal construction, bursting with flavours and colours, held together with just an eggnog and the juices from the cured ham cooked in bouillon. A dish full of life, whose melodious name, derived from an Auvergne recipe, strikes a chord today as one of the most harmonious homages to nature.