Le Suquet Laguiole - FRANCE

Respect for the individual

"The well-spring of the joy that we bring finds its source in a profound respect for the individual, for these men and women whether they be suppliers, members of the teams at Le Suquet, former employees, or stagiaires," Sébastien Bras likes to repeat.


They are the links in the chain without whom this extraordinary experience on the summit of Aubrac could never have happened. In the kitchen, you will not hear "oui chef" shouted out as if on a military parade ground but the use of first names. No need to shout either in order to gain respect. Something rarely found in the restaurant business, there is a clocking in/out machine, installed in 1998, to ensure that no-one is required to exceed their normal hours. Transparency is the watchword in the kitchen and visitors there are often surprised by the atmosphere of calm concentration which reigns therein. The secret is also partly due to the links which are created via the association Bras KC, which, on Mondays when the establishment is closed, organises voluntary excursions and activities. Hiking, mountain biking,  local exhibitions, activities in the village, all part of the experience of discovering Aubrac and of course having a good time, with Sébastien Bras and Régis Saint-Géniez very much to the fore!