Le Suquet Laguiole - FRANCE

Sergio Calderon vintage expertise

He first encountered the Bras family in 1990. This Argentinian, drawn to France by love at the tender age of 21, has kept his seductive accent, a blend of Aveyronais and his native Argentina. 

Director of the restaurant , he is above all the sommelier; another love story. Alongside Véronique Bras, he scours the vineyards of the world, meeting the wine makers, wandering in the vineyards, tasting, selecting, laying down the rare gems that certain suppliers guard exclusively for him, a common bond based on discernment and a passion for great wines. "We have given him carte blanche" explains Véronique Bras, "He is very open-minded, unfettered by received ideas." Self taught, he has won the respect and recognition of his peers on many occasions. However, his greatest pleasure comes from advising his customers, whether expert or novice, with the same enthusiasm and the same sparkle in his eye.