Le Suquet Laguiole - FRANCE

A sense of detail

The cooking is the focal point, the quintessence of the land which the Bras family wish to relate and to share. The furniture and the accoutrements must therefore follow it, support it, highlight it.

We wanted an understated space, discreet, elegant, sober. Véronique and Sébastien, with the design agency A+B in Toulouse, have designed the furniture and accoutrements as elements which fit naturally into the landscape, reflecting the culture of the region.

Allow the materials to express themselves naturally. Wood, leather, granite are obvious choices; authentic, unequivocal, eloquent. Each object expresses its own fundamental truth: the flowers peeping out from their stone vases remind one of those growing in the rockery of the draille. Covered in comfortable leather, the armchairs in the dining room reveal a discreet slit at the back, rather like that of an elegant skirt. The thick surfaces of the tables seem to float. The table knives, refined contemporary interpretations of the capuchadous of the Aveyronnais peasants, welcome guests, each enveloped in its own fine paper sheath. Bread awaits the diners, served on a wooden block and wrapped only in a thick white cloth, an expression of both beauty and simplicity. Objects which silence rather than are silent. Attention to fine details which gives the place its soul. References to a common shared culture. Another face of Aubrac.