Le Suquet Laguiole - FRANCE

Café Bras, côté comptoir (bar)

Michel and Sébastien Bras have created an imaginative menu for Côté comptoir to suit any time of day, from breakfast until teatime, not forgetting aperitifs and lunchtime, for a quick bite to eat.

In the morning they offer us their vision of certain Aveyron specialities. It could be a slice of (still warm) fouace, like a slightly dense form of brioche, flavoured with orange blosssom. Or alternatively, a pascade, a thick-ish pancake which nourished the men as they returned from working in the fields. Once lunchtime arrives, pride of place is given to the Miwams, one of Sébastien Bras’s culinary inventions. This delicious dish mixes vegetables with either fish or meat, some herbs and/or spices where necessary. It is surrounded by a batter made from wholemeal organic cereals then cooked without fat in a custom-built waffle maker, which gives it both its crispy texture and surprising, undulating form. In the afternoon, other delicious sugary delights await those who enjoy a teatime treat, perhaps a glass of freshly squeezed/pressed fruit juice or a vintage elderflower syrup. They might in also choose one of the Bourriol options, cooked to order, which remind us that we are, after all, in Aveyron.

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