Le Suquet Laguiole - FRANCE

Café Bras, côté restaurant

The daily running of the restaurant is in the capable hands of Christophe Chaillou, Sébastien Bras's brother-in-law, who taught at catering college and who has also spent a number of years working at Le Suquet, becoming imbued with the Bras spirit. He is assisted by his wife, Pascale, who directs operations in the restaurant. The restaurant proposes up to the minute cuisine, which changes every day depending on the vagaries of the market place and the inspiration of the chefs, based on a 3-course menu comprised of an entrée, a choice of three main courses and three desserts, to assuage your hunger.


Signature Bras cuisine, based on 40 years’ experience, “natural and authentic, using simple, fresh produce.” In the words of Michel Bras, “Inspired cuisine, carefully deliberated, which cuts to the chase; well presented, quality food without the frills, reflecting the values of Aubrac, truth and quintessence. The fruit of many years of contemplation, its origins are firmly rooted in traditional local cooking. Based on ideas, techniques and recipes handed down from one generation to the next, it is simple, direct, honest food. Achieving a harmonious balance between these various elements requires rigour and instinctive precision for certain procedures. This is our aim; a cuisine of body and soul, cuisine based on common sense which gets to the heart of the matter, more a labour of love than a question of science, this is what we are trying to create. A cuisine which makes allowances for imperfections, for an element of chance. In short, a vibrant, living cuisine.”

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