Le Suquet Laguiole - FRANCE

Capuchins with a view of the Millau viaduct

The lay-by at Millau, offering magnificent views of this work of art which spans  the Tarn valley, created the opportunity for the Bras family to showcase Aveyronais gastronomy in a different way.

The first capuchins were served here in 2009, in this establishment set up and managed by André Bras, and have regaled visitors ever since, happy to find a hot coffee and some toasted fouace (brioche) or a Capuchin garnished with veau du Ségala (local veal) or truffle scented aligot. This gastronomic centre, a converted farm, also provides travellers with the opportunity to stock up with Aveyron's gastronomic specialities: dried sausages, faggots, pâtés, smoked fillets of trout from Salles-la-Source, duck sausage made by Jacky Carles, not forgetting Aveyron's famous cheeses, Roquefort and Laguiole. For dessert, the fouaces are well placed, with three different types from Laguiole, Campagnac, and Saint-Cyprien, each with their own distinctive character. They might be accompanied by a square of chocolate from the Abbaye de Bonneval, or washed down with a beer from La Brasserie d’Olt or an artisan-made Cola from Saint-Géniez.