Le Suquet Laguiole - FRANCE

Fastcooking rather than Fastfood

"Respect for others means proposing something which is both good and affordable" states Michel Bras.

To garnish their capuchins, Michels and Sébastien have developed seasonal recipes based on specialities and products from the entire Midi-Pyrénées region. They have cooked, seasonned, pan-fried or simply assembled them, producing sublime flavours. Succulent meats, moreish charcuterie, pungent cheeses, slow-cooked or crunchy vegetables are to be found alongside one another on this inventive menu. The capuchins are cooked to order in just two minutes and garnished before your very eyes, before you devour them. To complete the cooking process, certain ingredients  are grilled à la plancha, set in the middle of the restaurant. The customers thus enjoy the noises and aromas of the kitchen, sharpening their appetites as they encounter this "Fast Cooking."