Le Suquet Laguiole - FRANCE

From the domestic to the gastronomic

The capuchin was originally an ancient cooking utensil made of iron, consisting of a long handle, at the end of which there is a conical funnel with a hole in the bottom.

Heated in the ashes until it was red hot, the cone was then filled with pork fat which melted as soon as it came into contact with the  hot metal and then dripped slowly so as to baste joints of meat or poultry, in order to crispen the skin and make it more succulent.

Used in former times in Aveyon, Michel Bras was inspired by its shape, resulting in the cornet. He then approached the professional lyçées in Decazeville, with its expertise in casting metal, and Rodez, for the electrics, in order to create a machine to make the capuchins and capable of transforming the batter into cornets. He has even patented the machine.