Le Suquet Laguiole - FRANCE

Reserve a table + garden

From the garden to the plate : a new experience
Visit the secret garden of the Bras family before tasting the amazing "Vegetable" menu at the Suquet table

The cuisine of the Jardin des Bras already offers a very beautiful emotion to the guests who know the family passion for nature, the Aubrac and this marvellous rectangle of land that offers so much. The Bras family invites you to precede this experience with a unique visit to their garden at Lagardelle, in the company of the gardeners who, throughout the year, sow, nourish, maintain and accompany this green treasure.

Perhaps they will reveal the secrets of the rocambole onion, wild mallow, spinach-strawberry or other herbs, flowers, shoots and vegetables among the 200 species that inhabit the place? In any case, these plants will reveal their character in the recipes imagined by Sébastien for the "Vegetables" menu which will then be served to you at the restaurant du Suquet after having walked the pretty path from the garden to your plate.

This proposal includes :
- Immersion in the kitchens of Le Suquet with participation in the ritual of 9:45 am, a coffee shared by the whole brigade
- Transfer to and from the garden a few miles away.
- Discovery of the garden in the company of one of its gardeners (2h)
- Lunch at Le Suquet and tasting of the "Vegetables" menu
- The autographed book " Bras : Le goût du jardin " (336 pages – edition Plume de carotte)

Only on Thursdays, starting on may 2020
395€/person - lunch excluding drinks

To reserve : +33 or reser@bras.fr