Le Suquet Laguiole - FRANCE

Two men, one encounter

The Café Bras within the Musée Soulages in Rodez is a reflection of the closeness between the two men, Michel Bras and Pierre Soulages,who share, beyong their respective success, a deep fascination for their birthplace, Aveyron.

Hugely influenced by the captivating landscapes, deserted open spaces, the water, the sky, the winds, the stone, these two contemplative spirits drew from here their inspiration and their creative powers. One by transforming light into subtle matter, the other by creating a style of cuisine with no frills, focussed on the essential and nourished by a profound respect for nature. Moreover, when describing his work, Michel Bras often refers to a quotation from Pierre Soulages: "The scarcer the resources, the stronger the expression." It was clear that the paths of these two men, who sublime the light from the skies and yet who shun the limelight, were destined to cross. They struck up a relationship based on complicity, friendship and mutual respect. Pierre Soulages describes Michel Bras as "the artist who renders the most subtle of natural flavours sublime, by taking them to a higher plain." Michel Bras replies: "what moves me in the very depths of my soul is the life which the canvases of Pierre Soulages offer us. At a time when the futile invades our daily lives, the art of Soulages should make us reflect on what existential sense we give to the world. I am an artisan, he is an artist. We share a vision which focusses on the essential."