Le Suquet Laguiole - FRANCE

The wine cellar treasured bottles

The wine cellar, so often hidden away underground in some remote part of the building where the hidden treasure lies buried, here can be seen through a glass door in the passage way leading to the restaurant.

Twenty five metres deep, offering a glorious vista and ressembling a bodega in which you would normally find rows of oak casks. No barrels, but more than one thousand five hundred references, all personally selected and carefully stored by the master of the premises, as in a library. Sergio Calderon, the sommelier and restaurant director at Le Suquet, can often be seen before the service starts busying himself in the cellar, ensuring that everything is prepared for the customers' voyages in time, via the various vintages, and in space, visiting the wine-producing regions of the world. If he notices the interested glance of a confirmed vinophile or simply a curious amateur, he'll invite them to look around the cellar and share anecdotes about the winemakers, many of them his personal friends.