Le Suquet Laguiole - FRANCE

The story of a family

The Bras family is tightly knit; always ready to lend a helping hand. Sébastien and his wife, Véronique, who is the director of the restaurant and the hotel, have followed in the footsteps of Michel and Ginette Bras, defining the sequel  to the same adventure to which they plighted their troth and their love in this sacred union based on a shared passion. Supportive, discreet, always available, they are the underlying architects of its success.

The generations transfer their knowledge and lend support whenever needed. Long after she had passed the age of retirement, certainly deserved but certainly not desired, "Grandma Bras" could still be found in the kitchen at Le Suquet, preparing the meals for the brigade and no-one dared interfere when she was making the aligot. André Bras, Sébastien's uncle, who worked at the forge in Laguiole has always been available, working with Michel and Sébastien to manufacture the bespoke knives that they dreamt up, and has often voluntarily lent a hand at Le Suquet. Even William, Sébastien's younger brother who thought that he had escaped the family business and the lure of the Aubrac plateau, could not resist employing his talents as an aeronautical engineer to design the supersonic mould for his brother's incredible Miwams. As for Ginette and Michel, they remain the discreet advisors of Véronique and Sébastien, as well as their unconditional supporters.