Le Suquet Laguiole - FRANCE

A never-ending source of inspiration

"Aubrac has given us everything" Sébastien Bras likes to remind us. "However, in the sixties, the north of Aveyron was declared  a victim of rural depopulation, like Tibet" recalls Michel, with feeling.

It is the cradle of the Bras family, of Sébastien, who was born in Laguiole, and who likes to tease his father because he was born a few kilometres away in Gabriac. An environment with its menacing, sombre skies, its never-ending plateaux, its dramatic light which reveals the granite boulders and shines upon the slate roofs of the burons. Landscapes which they have succeeded in capturing when they created the restaurant on the outcrop at le Suquet, this little promontory with its outstanding views. They know the surrounding paths and tracks better than anyone, as they are constantly out there, running or cycling, alone or more often with the young chefs of the brigade, with whom Sébastien likes to share the great outdoors. Aubrac is the cement which binds la Maison Bras, a permanent source of inspiration for its cuisine. This natural abundance, Sébastien likes to feature on the menus, whether 'Aubrac', 'Balade' or 'Légumes'. This is not about cultivating an old-fashioned, rustic image but an enlightened, contemporary vision. Respect for the the produce which the land offers is for Sébastien the payback for what he has given it. Giving preference to the excellent local producers, working with those who also put quality above quantity, breathing new life into long-forgotten products on the point of disappearing, giving them pride of place on the menu.