Le Suquet Laguiole - FRANCE

Toya, Japan

On the island of Hokkaïdo, in the north of Japan, near the village of Toya, on the top floor of a building which kisses the skies and sits proudly overlooking a lake, there is another culinary expression of the Bras philosophy. Opened in 2002, the restaurant offers a different interpretation of this 'cuisine of the moment', still based on the same principles: the use of local produce, deference towards traditions and a profound respect for nature. Two countries, two styles of cuisine, guided by one concept and one standard of excellence, which enables Sébastien Bras to build culinary bridges between Laguiole and Toya, based on wonderful encounters and discoveries.


Without doubt, the cuisine at Toya is an expression of pure Bras. Michel and Sébastien have developed their recipes with the help of the local chefs, who have all sharpened their knives at La Suquet and, once there, have gained an insight into...

Bras - Kaï, twin-bladed knives

The encounter between Michel Bras, chef and son of a blacksmith, and Koji Endo, grandson of the founder of the company KAI, Japanese knife specialists for several generations, was inevitable, given the number of different threads that intertwined...